Using Motion Graphics In Your Video

10th June 2015 No comments

What are Motion Graphics?

In simple terms, Motion Graphics are animated representations of data. Whenever you see a bar graph come to life on a television advert or a news report you’re looking at a motion graphic. The best motion graphics use tastefully applied animations to make the information more visually appealing or comprehensible. It’s a great way to express important ideas, create awareness or to call prospective customers to action.

Why should you use Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics can condense a great deal of information into a short and visually appealing presentation. They’re a great way to help decrease the risk that a viewer will miss a call to action because they’ve skipped through portions of a longer video. (Even the most engaging videos get scrubbed through by some viewers!)

Finding out how Motion Graphics can benefit you

Motion Graphics can add an extra dynamic and polish to many types of video. To find out how they can benefit you, the first thing to do is to take a look at how they can be implemented. We’ve created a handy overview of different motion graphic types, as well as a showreel of our motion graphic work.

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