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Training Videos
Bespoke Video Production Services

Training can be an expensive and repetitive process. Through video, businesses are able to educate their workforce and customers comprehensively, consistently and affordably – all without leaving the office.

This reduces support and personnel costs, travel costs and reduces the company’s carbon footprint in exchange for the one-time cost involved with producing a video.

Training Videos Showcase

Our Approach to Training Videos

When it comes to training, video is a highly effective method of demonstration. A well produced training video can help the person being trained remain engaged throughout the entire learning process. Video can also be used to show important scenarios that may be difficult, costly or dangerous to recreate in person. We’ve worked with a number of businesses where the difference between showing and telling has saved lives.

How we do it

During production, our focus is on working with you to deliver an effective, clear and compliant series of training videos. We place you in the driver’s seat for the content itself, but will use our professional experience to guide your videos and shape them into something that your audience will engage with.

Our techniques range from live action filming, slow motion filming, time-lapse photography and aerial videography, to 2D and 3D animation, where we can convey almost any concept with clarity. When it comes to distribution, we utilise our Vimsy platform to help you organise, distribute and monetise your training videos with ease. We also offer subtitling and translation services to ensure that your video training materials are accessible to all audiences.

How much does it cost?

We price our services on a day rate basis. For simple, ‘piece to camera’ training films, it’s possible to record an entire training course within a single day or two of filming. Other projects, such as those with on-location scenarios,  may take longer. To give you an idea of what we can do within your budget, take a look at our pricing page.

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Our Techniques


Animation and motion graphics can be an effective technique within many styles of video. They can be the primary storytelling tool or can supplement live action video.

At Southpoint Films we work with a team of professional animators who can bring your ideas to life. On screen motion graphics are ideal for displaying text, data or computer based information, demonstrating abstract ideas, or illustrating something that may be too expensive or impractical to show through filmed video. With 2D and 3D animation, the only limit is your imagination – and your budget!

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Green Screen

Superimpose people and objects into scenes that may be difficult or impossible to film in reality. Our permanent and portable green screen studio solutions allow us unparalleled flexibility.

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Many styles of video use interviews. Interviews are a staple of the video production process.

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Time-Lapse Photography

Time-lapse photography is an excellent technique for showing long processes in a fast and engaging way. We’ve used time-lapses to show everything from multi-month construction projects to ‘day in the life’ summaries of customer offices. Thanks to our variety of time-lapse setups, we’re able to produce time-lapses that form the basis of your video or simply compliment a bigger piece.

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Studio Services

Our studio, located at our offices in Totton, Southampton, has been created as an ideal space for videos that require a quiet, controlled environment for filming. Three blacked out walls allow us to control the light in the studio, giving the best results when filming people and objects. A fourth, green wall allows us to use the studio as a functional green screen with minimum set up and fuss.

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Have your video narrated by a professional voiceover artist of any gender, age or accent. We outsource our voice-over artists to meet your requirements, ensuring that we use the most suitable voice for your project.

Need your video dubbed into another language? That’s no problem either. We’ve worked with Spanish, French, Portuguese and even Arabic language content without any trouble.

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Aerial Videography and Photography

Aerial videography can add creative impact to any video project with an outdoor element. Whether you require a high impact establishing shot of a location or point of interest, footage of large scale work being carried out in an outdoor environment, or high resolution video surveying of your sites or structures, our team can help.

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360° VR Video and Photography

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Customer testimonials

Southpoint Films have been excellent throughout the whole process of recording the training videos. What I would say about them is that they very, very quickly understood the brief, they were available to come and conduct the actually videoing, they were extremely quick in the editing process and supporting us in actually getting the videos out to marketplace. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Ricky Smith, Strategic Development Director at Industrial Cleaning Equipment Ltd

I have used Southpoint Films for a number of video projects now, and it's fair to say I've been excited to work with them each and every time. Their enthusiasm and customer focus, coupled with a transparent pricing structure, makes for a refreshing experience. Be it a promotional or training video, their technical knowledge, creative experience and equipment have always produced the best possible results.

Luke Haskell, Marketing & Sales Development at TJ Transport & TJ Waste

Robert Peel International have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Southpoint Films. The team at Southpoint have been consummate professionals and a pleasure to work with. Nothing is too much trouble and the films they produce are superb. We were originally drawn to them by their transparent and cost effective pricing structures. Not having to phone, discuss and negotiate was a particular attraction given our tight deadlines. We would have no hesitation recommending Southpoint to anyone requiring their services.

Roy Wade, Director at Robert Peel International Ltd

The PM Channel’s relationship to Southpoint Films, in my view, is central to our success. … And I say that after a longstanding relationship of over three years with the company and 700 videos produced by them. I’ve seen their timeliness and the quality of their work, and I’ve seen the quality and flexibility of their work, and my view in business terms is that I would wholeheartedly recommend them.

Dr Andrew Delo, Founder of the PM Channel and Managing Director of Provek
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Vimsy – The perfect solution for sharing training videos

Vimsy is an online service from the team at Southpoint Films that’s been designed with training in mind. Rather than simply uploading your finished videos to Youtube and hoping for the best, with just a few clicks you can create your own branded video portal with Vimsy that’s entirely about you and your business. No more distractions.

Vimsy offers a variety of great features, such as Insights which lets you monitors who’s been watching your videos and how much of the videos have been watched for compliance purposes. For commercial training providers, Vimsy lets you organise your videos into saleable packages, offered either as a one-off purchase or on a subscription basis.

Vimsy Screenshot - Truvox

Taking your first steps with video

Video doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Forward-thinking businesses can use video in all sorts of innovative ways, including giving customers a taste of their product, providing useful support information to existing customers, or creating stunning promotional videos that can be shared online, played at business exhibitions and shown during presentations.

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