The power of customer testimonials

Customer testimonial videos are an excellent way to provide social validation for your products and services.

Unlike a written testimonial, a video shows the energy and enthusiasm your customers have. And, because your customers are speaking for themselves, there’s no doubting the authenticity of their comments.

A strong video testimonial provides a tremendous sales and marketing benefit, whether the testimonial is a standalone video or part of a broader promotional film.



Testimonial from The PM Channel (Provek)


Ricky Smith, ICE


Testimonial from Ed Gould, Carswell Gould

Carswell Gould

Lights, camera, action!

One of the biggest challenges with asking your customers to give a testimonial on camera is asking your customers to appear on camera.

To ease their nerves we’ve prepared a number of resources to help people prepare for their time in front of the lens – including this video on how to appear natural on camera.

Additionally, our team are consummate professionals and will do all it takes to make your customers feel calm, confident and at ease during the filming process, ensuring that both you and your customer come across in the best possible light.

Testimonial or case study?

A customer testimonial video can be anything from a short, 30 second “vox pop”, to a full length interview that has been meticulously planned, prepared and scripted in advance to make sure all key points are covered.

In our experience, shorter testimonials are often used as part of a wider promotional video, or as brief excerpts to be shared on social media.

Longer testimonials are usually turned into standalone case study videos, demonstrating how a specific product, service or project benefitted the customer, with contextual footage and archive photos demonstrating key points the customer is making. They are often short promotional videos in their own right.


Recent Projects

Examples of our recent projects which include a customer testimonial.

Filming with Fareham College

Why Southpoint Films?

We’ve lost track of the number of customer testimonials we’ve filmed over the years – but what we can tell you is that we’ve filmed people from all walks of life.

From the cleaners at Kings Cross Station to Ministers and Secretaries of State, we’ve extracted glowing testimonials from people about all kinds of services and products.

If you’d like to create customer testimonial videos for your business, get in touch. We’d love to help capture your biggest successes on camera.

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