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Bespoke Video Production Services

From promotional films to customer testimonial videos, interviews are a staple of the production process. An interview with a company representative, customer, or industry personality can be a great way of telling a story about your business, product or service without the need to spend hours or days writing lengthy scripts.

Interviews are a simple and affordable — yet effective — way for businesses exploring content marketing to make their first steps. An engaging interview on a topic related to your business’ goals is a great way of bringing an audience to your website and ultimately promoting your brand. By releasing short excerpt videos of a longer interview video clip, you can continue pumping regular, original video content out to your social media channels without breaking the bank.

Want advice on using interview-based videos within your business? Get in touch.


Single Camera Interviews

Single camera interviews are not just cost effective but they’re also a great driver for video styles such as promotional videos and customer testimonial films.

In most cases, a well conducted single camera interview won’t seem like an interview at all, as seen in this short soundbite video for The Careers & Enterprise Company.


Multi-Camera Interviews

Using multiple cameras adds an extra dynamic to interview based videos. A second camera can provide a recording of the person asking the questions, can provide an alternative angle for trimming down lengthy answers, or could be used to show surrounding details that the interviewee may refer to while talking.

While one camera is usually enough, the key to a successful video is retaining viewer interest, and multiple camera angles aids that.

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