Perfect Skin Solutions – 360° VR Clinic Tour

Perfect Skin Solutions is a specialist skin and foot clinic in Portsmouth, Hampshire. To help them attract more customers, we created this 360° virtual reality tour video to showcase their facilities. The video features the exterior of the clinic, reception areas and individual treatment rooms.

It took us an hour to capture all of the footage you see above using our specialist 360° VR camera. We then went away and spent another hour editing the footage together.

Additionally, we also provided 360° photographs. Perfect Skin Solutions have been able to use these on their Google Maps listing, their website, and on social networking sites.

Overall, this proved to be a very affordable option for obtaining high quality 360° VR content.

By using 360° video and photo content in this scenario, Perfect Skin Solutions have been able to put customers at ease. By knowing where their treatments are going to be carried out, patients have been able to feel more relaxed, which lets them enjoy their experience more.

Please note: If the video isn’t displaying correctly, you can view it on YouTube. If you’re using a smartphone or tablet you can move the video by panning and tilting your device. (You must have the YouTube app installed.)

Style: Promotional,

Techniques: 360° Virtual Reality,

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