ICE – Aquasmart Powered by Sanzonate Launch Video

Aquasmart Powered by Sanzonate is one of the latest innovations from Industrial Cleaning Equipment, the UK’s leading supplier of commercial cleaning machines and products. Instead of using toxic cleaning solutions, Aquasmart lets cleaners use purified water, this is more environmentally friendly and results in less waste from the manufacture and use of chemicals.

Over the years we’ve worked with ICE on promoting a number of new products, including robotic cleaning machines. Usually, this involves filming their products in action at various locations around the world.

However, unlike a vacuum cleaner or scrubber dryer, the benefits of an Aquasmart machine are less visually apparent. For this product, we needed the help of an animation, which made it far easier to visualise the key benefits of the product.

Production Planning

Before kicking off the project, ICE supplied us with an initial draft of the script. We took this, gave it some polish, and turned it into a “proper” video script. For example, we removed formatting like bullet points and rewrote several sections so that they flowed properly when spoken out loud.

After this, we created a two-column outline that took the voice-over script and put it alongside a description of what would be shown on screen. This helped ICE’s team picture the finished video.

After a few rounds of feedback, we turned the outline into a visual storyboard which gave ICE an idea of what the finished video would look like. You’ll recognise the images in the final video.

Pre-Production Document Examples

Once the storyboard was approved we moved into production. We recorded the voice-over in our studio with the voice-over artist – who was the daughter of ICE’s Marketing Director!

A few rounds of feedback later and the animation was complete. We added music, sound effects and the video was ready to go. By doing a lot of the concept visualisation work up front, we were able to reduce any extensive reanimation. This kept the production time down, and also kept costs under control. This project took less than two weeks from start to finish.

We also produced three “teaser” videos to go alongside the video on social media as part of the project. These were comprised of stock footage and voice-over.

Techniques: Animation, Voice-Over,

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