ICE – Co-Botics Range Launch Videos & Photos

In May 2020, Industrial Cleaning Equipment (ICE) launched their new line of automated cleaning machines – the ICE Co-Botics Range.

To support the launch, we were tasked with creating a series of videos of the new machines in action. Additionally, we were also asked to take still images of the machines for print and other promotional purposes.

This involved spending three days on location in London during the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown. (All of our work was carried out safely, in accordance with our COVID-19 risk assessment.)

A Comprehensive Collection Of Product Launch Assets

As some may have noticed, this isn’t the first time that we’ve worked with ICE. We’ve been supporting their efforts in the world of autonomous cleaning for almost seven years now. So it was a delight to be working with them again to help introduce the world’s first autonomous cleaning equipment range.

Compared to previous autonomous cleaning projects with ICE, the Co-Botics range includes a larger variety of machines. The main video featured above is a summary of the range, and uses on-screen text to explain the main benefits of the products. It also includes some archive footage supplied by one of ICE’s suppliers – but with our creative editing, we’re confident that it doesn’t detract from the quality of the video.

We also created case study videos from the two sites we visited; a school in East London and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. These videos featured interviews with ICE’s client at each site, mixed with footage of the machines in action.

Example of a customer testimonial for the ICE Co-botics Range

Additionally, we took a series of photographs as we went around each site. These showcased the machines in different environments.

Our images were used on the ICE website and to support ICE’s sales presentations. You can see some samples below.

Using Video For A Socially Distanced Co-Botics Launch

With the UK on COVID-19 lockdown at the time of the launch, ICE were unable to hold sales presentations in person to introduce their new products. To get around the issue, we recorded a presentation with Mark Bresnihan, Managing Director of ICE, at ICE’s offices in Southampton.

Filming a video presentation for ICE
Filming a socially distant introduction presentation at ICE’s head office. Note the boom mic, which we used for a completely contactless shoot.

On the day of the launch, the pre-recorded presentation was shared on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

With over 3,000 views in the first week, the video presentation successfully introduced the Co-Botics range to ICE’s customers and partners.

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