Animation is a popular video production technique for illustrating concepts and ideas, and for displaying information visually on screen

Our animators can work with you to bring your ideas to life. From scripting to delivery, we have the expertise to make your next animation project a success.

The most common types of animations we’re asked to create are computer generated 2D and 3D animations, although we have experience with stop-motion animation too.

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Our Animation Styles


2D Animation

2D animation is an affordable and popular animation style.

Animations in this style will often have a cartoonish appearance and the animated graphics will usually represent real-world objects in slightly abstract ways.

One of the biggest strengths of 2D animation is that it can borrow elements from existing graphic design, such as the graphics on your website or in your brochure, ensuring brand consistency.


3D Animation

3D animation is typically used to simulate real-world objects, such as products, structures and locations.

In many ways 3D animation is like coding, requiring lots of mathematics and digital modelling to tell the story. This is often very time consuming to pull together but the results can be outstanding.

In our experience, 3D animation is ideal for illustrating products and other objects that may be too expensive or impractical to film in the real world.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Based on 2D animation techniques, motion graphics allow us to improve the creative impact of your video.

With motion graphics we can display your live-action video content in new ways or add additional context through text and iconography.

An example of stop motion animation

Stop Motion Animation

With stop motion animation, a camera is set up and photos are taken in intervals. The photos are then played back in sequence to show the movement in the scene.

Stop motion can provide quirky results, which makes it a fun technique for promotional videos.

An example of a lower thirds

Video Titling

Whether we’re adding an on-screen title for an interviewee or including a company logo at the start and end of a video, we often use subtle pieces of animation to complement video footage.

A little bit of animation goes a long way towards boosting the overall quality of your project.