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Bespoke Video Production Services

Animation is a high-impact video production technique for illustrating ideas and concepts, or for displaying information visually on screen. Animation can be used as the primary storytelling technique, or it can be used in conjunction with live action footage to make your video stand out.

At Southpoint Films our animators will work with you to bring your ideas to life. From scripting to delivery, we have the expertise to help you use animation effectively within your business. The most common types of animation we’re asked to create are computer generated 2D or 3D animations, although we have experience with stop-motion animation too.

To find out how we can help you with your animation needs, get in touch. For information about pricing, take a look at the Animation section on our Pricing Page.


Types of animation we provide


2D Animation

2D animations are typically “flat” animations such as animated on-screen titles, animated infographics, or character animations.

They will sometimes have a cartoonish appearance, often with bright colours, and the graphics will represent real-world objects in slightly abstract ways rather than looking photorealistic.

2D animation is an affordable animation format, and the style can be adapted from existing graphics, such as the graphics on your website or in your brochure, ensuring brand consistency.


3D Animation

3D animation simulates three dimensional objects, such as products, structures and locations. They generally tend to look more photorealistic than 2D animations.

3D animation is ideal for illustrating something that may be too expensive or impractical to show through filmed video. The results can be outstanding.

Be warned though – 3D animation tends to be quite an expensive form of animation. It requires intricate work recreating physical objects in a digital 3D environment, and an immense amount of computing power to output that into video format – especially as resolutions increase to 4K and beyond.

Animated Logos

Including your company logo in your videos is essential for raising brand awareness. However, a static image can be boring and may put off viewers – especially if it stays on screen for several seconds.

Where possible, every video from Southpoint Films is delivered with an animated logo at no extra cost. Little touches like these are why clients love coming back to us.

On-Screen Names & Titles

On-screen names and titles, or ‘Lower Thirds’ as they’re often called, are used to show the name and title of the person talking on screen.

When needed, we’ll design and animate custom Lower Thirds for your videos that match your company’s brand, ensuring consistency and brand recognition.

Video Integration

Motion Graphics

Animated motion graphics allow us to improve the creative impact of your video. We can display your live-action video content in new ways or add context through text and iconography.

Additionally, we can use advanced motion tracking to overlay key messages or graphics that “react” to or “follow” the video underneath.

Animated Charts and Statistics

Animated Charts, Statistics and Infographics

In most businesses success is defined by numbers. Liven up your reports, statistics or infographics with animation.

We can take existing graphics and animate them or create new graphics specifically for your video.

Stop Motion Animation

A less common style of animation is “stop motion” animation.

In principle, stop motion animation is not too different from time-lapse photography. A camera is set up and photos are taken in intervals. The photos are then played back in sequence to show any movement in the scene.

Stop motion can provide quirky results, which makes it a fun technique for promotional videos. The subject could be a product which moves, objects made from craft materials such as plasticine, or even people. It is, however, quite time consuming to produce.

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Taking your first steps with video

Video doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Forward-thinking businesses can use video in all sorts of innovative ways, including giving customers a taste of their product, providing useful support information to existing customers, or creating stunning promotional videos that can be shared online, played at business exhibitions and shown during presentations.

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