Lymington Sea Water Baths – Promotional Video & Photos

This short, upbeat promotional video for Lymington Sea Water Baths was created to promote their outdoor activity complex. The baths were first built in 1833 and have been entertaining visitors ever since.

In fact, the baths are one of the highest-rated activities in Lymington on TripAdvisor – and it’s easy to see why. Although we gave waterproof cameras to several swimmers, we also donned our wet suits and dived in too. This ensured that we had great footage from both poolside and the water. (And it also let us try out the facilities – because who can resist?!)

This video was filmed using one of our drones, several waterproof action cameras, and a “normal” video camera. We set them all to record in slow motion for dramatic effect. We think we’ve done a great job of making this exciting activity centre look even more exciting… If we do say so ourselves!

Professional Photography

In addition to the video, we also took a number of photos that Lymington Sea Water Baths have been able to use on their website and social media. In total, this gives the baths a comprehensive media pack that they can use to promote their business online in the years ahead. You might even say… it’ll help them make a splash!

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