About our equipment

We pride ourselves on using high quality, modern equipment for creating video, photo and audio content for our clients. We are also pleased to own all of the equipment we use on a regular basis, giving us complete freedom and flexibility with how and when we can use it.

While the vast majority of our customers don’t need to know specific details about our equipment, this page provides information for the benefit of customers with specific technical requirements.

Please note that we do not hire out equipment for external use.

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Creative Promotional Videos for Business Equipment

Creative Video Equipment

We use Canon EOS C200 cinema cameras as the primary camera for most projects that we work on. We usually film in 4K 25p or 50p (internally) and have a selection of lenses that give us range from 11mm to 300mm.

For projects with HD delivery we have Canon EOS C100 cameras which we use with Atomos Ninja 2 external video recorders for recording in Apple ProRes.

We may also use a variety of specialist cameras for capturing “B Roll” material. These include camera models such as the GoPro Hero 5, and DJI Osmo Pocket.

We will always record and deliver in 4K 25p unless requested otherwise. If the project requires a fast turnaround – where the higher file sizes makes 4K impractical – or we need to film in specialist modes such as slow motion, we may film and deliver in lower resolutions.

Technical Video Equipment

We have a selection of Sony PMW-EX1 and Sony PMW-EX3 cameras that we use for technical projects like live streaming.

For live multicam projects, we have a “flyaway” kit comprised of a Blackmagic ATEM Production Studio 4K, Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio, and two Blackmagic rack-mounted monitors. We also have a variety of ATEM Minis and equipment for connecting cameras and mixers to computer based vision mixing systems, including Wirecast and vMix.

Portsmouth Video Production Equipment
360° VR video and photography Equipment

Specialist Video Equipment

We have a range of cameras that we use for specialist techniques.

For 360° VR video and photos we have an Insta360 Pro which can record video at 8K monoscopic or 6K stereoscopic resolutions, and can take 360 photos at 12K resolution.

For aerial video and photos we have several DJI Mavic Pro drones which can record in 4K 25p.

We have multiple Brinno TLC-200 cameras for very long time-lapse projects which can record time-lapse video in 720p for weeks at a time without being monitored.

Additionally, we have supporting equipment such as gimbals, sliders, dollies, jibs and teleprompters which we use for enhancing the video we capture with our cameras.

Photography Equipment

For photography we mainly use Canon EOS R5 cameras. These cameras allow us to capture still photos at up to 45MP resolution in RAW and JPG formats.

We may also use Panasonic DMC-GH4 cameras for capturing supplementary stills. This camera takes 16 MP photos in RAW and JPG formats.

Panasonic Lumix GH4 taking photos in our studio. Photography Equipment
audio mixer equipment

Audio Equipment

When it comes to capturing audio we have a wide selection of microphones, including RØDE shotgun microphones and Sennheiser dynamic microphones.

For studio and location work we typically use our Sennheiser G3 and G4 RF radio kits with lavalier microphones. We also have RØDE Filmmaker Kits that we may use in our studio.

For live streaming and events we have 12 channel Mackie audio mixers, as well as Focusrite audio interfaces that can support up to 8 channels.

In our voice-over booth we use a RØDE condenser microphone which we typically run into a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 for recording in Ferrite or Logic Pro X.

Lighting Equipment

We have a range of portable bi-colour LED lights from brands such as Aperture, Lishuai, and Neewer that we use in our studio and on location.

All of our lights have the option to run on battery power, although we will often use them on mains to prevent unexpected cut-outs. All mains-powered electronics have been PAT tested.

Southpoint Films Studio Equipment Southampton
1912 Edit Suite Equipment

Post-Production Equipment

Our team edits using high specification Apple MacBook Pros and iMacs for delivery in 4K.

Most videos are edited with Final Cut Pro X and Motion, although we also have Adobe Creative Cloud.

In our edit suite we monitor audio using Mackie HR824 studio monitors. We use Sennheiser HD-25 headphones for portable editing. We “flatten” these using specialist software for greater accuracy when editing audio.