Deleo – Customer Testimonial Video

Deleo are a French manufacturer of medical equipment, including aesthetic and beauty care devices. We were introduced to them by our client Perfect Skin Solutions, who had been selected as a case study for Deleo’s CRISTAL® machine.

As a French company, Deleo needed a local video production company to help them with the video, and given our experience working with Dr Dev Patel and his team, we were the ideal choice.

Knowing the clinic well meant that we could set up the interview, as well as a demonstration, without fuss. We knew exactly which of the clinic’s many rooms to use and how to get the best results from the space – and, of course, our previous experience of working with Dr Dev meant that we already knew how to get good results from him while the camera was rolling. You wouldn’t necessarily know it, but we were using a teleprompter to give Dr Dev his lines, which he’d written ahead of the shoot.

As you’ll see from the video above, the video was produced in English and captioned with French subtitles. We also produced a version with English captions as well, giving Deleo two separate versions which could be used in each market.

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