Truvox International – Product Tutorials (Multiple Languages)

Truvox International are a leading manufacturer of professional cleaning machines. From vacuums to rotary scrubber dryers, their machines are used globally to clean floors in all kinds of commercial environments.

We’ve worked with Truvox for many years to produce “How To” and “Maintenance” tutorial videos for their different machines. This example is a “How To” video for one of their recent machines, the Multiwash PRO. The video features footage of the machine being unpacked, set up and used to clean a floor at Truvox’s offices in Southampton. It also includes footage that was captured on location at a local gym and a local vets. It’s narrated by a voice-over, which was recorded in our voice-over booth by one of Truvox’s staff members.

Truvox distribute their products internationally. This means that we often dub their videos with voice-overs in different languages. In addition to the English version of the video, above, we also produced a version in French.

Here’s the French version of the video:

Like the English version of the video, the French version was recorded in our voice-over booth by a French-speaking member of Truvox’s team. Because we have a fully integrated editing and voice-over facility, we were able to sit down together afterwards and sync the video up with the French voice-over. (Although we can do this remotely too!)

These videos are an excellent example of how you can use video for product support and customer training. Additionally, they also show how video can be used internationally, reaching multiple markets with the same fundamental content. If you’d like to know more about how a video like this could benefit your business, please get in touch!

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