A person is engaged in video editing at a desk, with the editing software displaying footage on a computer monitor. They're wearing a "southpoint films" shirt, indicating the setting is likely a production company's office. The workspace is neat, with a large speaker on the right, a bulletin board filled with photos in the background, and the company's logo on a screen above. The environment suggests a focused and professional editing session.

About our edit suite

Our edit suite is where all of our incredible video editing work happens. With state of the art Apple Mac computers, professional audio monitors, and terabytes upon terabytes of storage, this is where we produce the vast majority of our amazing videos.

Although our team mainly works independently on video edits, it’s also a great space for welcoming our customers to review works in progress. We can easily host small groups, allowing clients to give realtime feedback on the direction of their project.

Whether you visit us in-person or not, you can see that it’s a fantastic resource for our talented team of video editors. You can rest easy knowing that they’re using the latest, greatest tools and handling your footage with care.

Key features

An incredible space for our editors to work from, located approximately 15 minutes from Southampton city centre via train, bus or car.

Suitable for hosting clients in small groups for edit reviews and feedback sessions.

Powered by high performance Apple Mac computers running Final Cut Pro.

Every desk has high quality reference headphones and audio monitors.

Over 140 terabytes of data storage for housing archived projects, with a 1:1 on-site backup,

Innovative data sync system gives every editor our current project data on a fast, local Thunderbolt RAID drive. Our work is fast!

About our video editing services

Editing plays an understated yet critical role in the video production process. After all, even if you have fantastic footage, it still takes a skilled editor to make it shine.

If your footage has problems, there might be no hope of salvaging it with a DIY job. However, one of our professional editors, who knows all of the tricks, can be the difference between having something usable or not. If all goes to plan, your audience won’t even notice the work they’ve done!

This is why, at Southpoint Films, we’re deeply passionate about video editing. It really is the most important part of the process. Which is why our edit suite is one of the most important facilities we have!

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A video editor is working on a project, using dual screens with editing software open. The main monitor shows a video clip, while a laptop also displays content. The editor is wearing headphones and a shirt with the "southpoint films" logo, which is also visible on a large screen in the background. The office has a friendly vibe with personal touches like a bulletin board, a desk plant, and quirky decorations on the window sill.
Alt text: A blurred photo of a man with glasses and a beard sitting in a studio with a green screen background. In the foreground, a professional video camera is in focus, suggesting a behind-the-scenes view of a video production setup.

A complete video production hub

Our edit suite is one part of our studio and offices located in Totton, Southampton.

We’ve heard that our customers love coming to us because we’re a one-stop-shop for video production. We have customers who start their journey in our studio, review their videos in our edit suite, and add the finishing touches in our dedicated voice-over booth. You really can get it all here!

No matter what you need, our expert team of video production professionals will guide you through the process. From scoping out the project, to the moment you receive your video, we’ll make sure you’re looked after.

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