A professional recording setup with a Rode microphone mounted on a stand in front of an acoustic foam panel. To the left, a portable monitor device is attached to the panel, above a foam-covered platform. The room is soundproofed with dark, textured acoustic foam lining the walls.

About our voice-over booth

Our cozy voice-over booth can be found at our offices in Southampton. It’s a short walk from Totton railway station, with ample parking and bus links.

The booth itself is fitted with acoustic panels to help with sound-proofing, keeping unwanted noises out and absorbing every echo. As soon as the door is closed, it’s just you and your script.

We’ve equipped the booth with a RØDE condenser microphone for capturing high quality voice recordings. And a monitor sits on top of the microphone stand for viewing a video or teleprompter feed. We also have stands and grips for paper scripts and tablet computers.

When it comes to recording, every voice-over session is engineered by a member of our team who’ll make sure your recordings sound crystal clear. 

It’s a great option for recording a high quality voice-over, podcast or audio book.

Key features

Sound treated to block outside noises

Professional RØDE condenser microphone

Built-in monitor for video and teleprompter feeds

Easy to access via train, bus or car

Supports remote listeners via Zoom, Teams and other online calling systems during recording sessions

Bring your own voice

Great videos deserve great voice-overs. That’s why our voice-over booth is an essential part of our end-to-end video production service.

We often use our booth to record professional voice-over artists. But more frequently, our customers like to record a member of staff delivering the script for their videos. 

Not only is this a cost effective solution, but it helps build trust and familiarity with your customers. Imagine a video where the voice greeting your customers is the same one they’ll hear when they call up to place an order.

Learn more about voice-over options for your videos

A young woman stands in our soundproof voice-over recoding booth, reading from a tablet in front of a studio microphone with a pop filter. The walls are lined with acoustic foam to dampen noise, and she is wearing a casual black hoodie. She is recording lines for the character "Read Dog" in a project we worked on for the University of Southampton.
A man with dark hair and a beard is gesturing towards the camera in a film studio. He is dressed in a gray blazer with a pink pocket square and a white shirt. Behind him is a green screen and various film equipment, including cameras and lighting. He appears to be in the middle of a presentation or an acting scene.

Part of our video production facilities

Our voice-over booth is just one of the professional video production facilities we have at our disposal in Southampton.

We also have a 185 sq ft studio for recording video content and hosting live streams. We have an edit suite. And we also have portable equipment solutions, as well as an outside broadcast trailer.

Our customers love that they can come to us with any video production requirement and we can fulfil it. Will you join them by booking in and seeing what the fuss is about for yourself?

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