Southpoint Films Portfolio

Vimsy – Animated Promotional Video

A high-end animated promotional video for Vimsy, the online video management system. The video features cartoon characters and scenes to emphasise key messages spoken about in the voice-over.

Full disclosure: Vimsy is a product created by the team at Southpoint Films to help our customers (and the wider world) organise, distribute and monetise their video content. You can read about Vimsy here. You can also take a look at Vimsy and create your own free channel over at the Vimsy website.

While the client for this project was technically ourselves, we followed our standard production process just as we would for any other client. We wrote the script to a brief set internally, signed it off after adjusting it based on feedback, booked the voice-over artist, communicated the storyboard and concept with our animator, and made several revisions based on feedback we had as a team before publishing it.

We’ve included this video in our portfolio because we believe it’s a great example of what our team can do, using our production processes, and all of the techniques used to create this video are services that are available to our Southpoint Films customers at our regular commercial rates. Contact us for a quote based on this project.


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