What is a Video Strategy?

16th January 2018 No comments

Video strategy is a hot topic in the world of corporate video production. Why? Because it’s no longer enough to simply make a promotional video and call it day. Using video effectively requires creative, strategic implementation across an entire organisation.

From posting videos on social media, to streamlining customer service and support, to providing consistent and scalable training to your staff, video is no longer a one-trick pony. Equally, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why you need a video strategy.

To some, the concept of having a strategy about video might sound absurd. Most organisations don’t have a photo strategy or a text strategy – why should they have one for video?

Online video has been considered “innovative” and “cutting edge” for some time now, and there are misconceptions about the benefits. For example, does having a video on your home page help with SEO? Yes and no – but the answer is more “no” than “yes” if you don’t utilise the video effectively.

Rather than simply making a corporate video for the sake of having a corporate video, it’s time to start looking at how video is used within an organisation and how it’s achieving results.

For example, at a recent conference we attended, one speaker – a HR manager – shared how they were tasked with bringing their remote team closer together and to look at ways of reducing staff turnover. Their solution was to produce regular “team diary” videos, featuring interviews and fun clips of different team members at work – wherever they may be. The videos worked.

As video moves from being something of a novelty to becoming common place, it’s time to start thinking about how video can be used more strategically and effectively – not just online, but throughout an entire organisation.

This is where teams like Southpoint Films come in. We’re here, not just to supply the video production service, but to apply over 13 years of experience making videos for the web, and 5 years spent specifically producing videos for a wide variety of businesses, towards guiding your business or organisation in the right direction for video success.

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