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Aspira is an Executive PA search consultancy and training organisation based in London. They run courses, seminars and other events for Personal and Executive Assistants.

Topics for these events include confidence skills, appropriate dress for PAs, social media, and marketing. Additionally, the events also include opportunities for networking and socialising.

Aspira’s Approach To Video

Throughout 2013 and 2014, we filmed a number of Aspira’s seminars to create short highlights videos. Each video was around two minutes in length and featured interviews with the event host, “vox pops” from the attendees, and footage of the event in action.

The videos were used for promoting upcoming events on social media and on the Aspira website. They’ve been a huge help in showing attendees what to expect. Not only have they driven ticket bookings, but these videos also reduced the number of “no shows” too. By knowing what they’re signing up for, attendees are more likely to follow through with their booking.

Additionally, we also produced a series of of videos at Aspira’s offices. These videos were made up of interviews with industry experts who shared knowledge and advice related to being an Executive PA. These videos were shared on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Aspira’s strategy is a great example of how organisations can use video to market and promote their events.

Working with Southpoint Films

As you’ll see from the video, the team at Aspira really enjoyed working with Southpoint Films on their video series. Like many of our clients, they found us to be flexible and a pleasure to work with.

Here’s what Alice had to say:

I would certainly recommend anyone to use Southpoint Films for their marketing purposes. Not only are they very flexible in regards to dates, times and locations for filming but they are a real joy to work with. I’ve found that they have gone the extra mile in any situation for Aspira

Alice Cox, Training and Development Co-Ordinator at Aspira

Working on a series of videos like this is a real pleasure for us – especially when the videos are promoting educational and informative events like these. In total, we produced over 15 different videos as part of this project.

For events based in London, travelling up to the city is no problem for us. Being based in Southampton, we’re usually able to offer our services at a lower cost than companies based in the capital thanks to our lower overheads.

Find out more about our event video production services

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