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Green Screen
Bespoke Video Production Services

Using a green screen allows us to alter reality by superimposing backgrounds behind presenters, interviewees and products. This technique may be useful for budgetary reasons, such as a desired location being too expensive or inaccessible, or for technical reasons such as a location being too loud or a health and safety challenge.

In addition to our studio-based facilities, our portable green screen kit allows us to quickly set up in small spaces and transform the corner of your office into the location of your dreams… or at least a location that’s more inspiring than the corner of your office.

Want to find out how we can use this technique within your next video project? Contact us.


A promotional video for Winchester Karate Academy

Karate is a high energy and exciting combat sport. When we were approached by Winchester Karate Academy we knew that we needed to keep the visuals at maximum, even during our interview with club leader Simon Budden.

However, the logistics of filming an interview in front of the class posed two problems; the first being that, as the instructor, Simon needed to be overseeing the group, and the second being the amount of noise that came from the group fighting in an echoey hall.

Instead of leaving the shoot with a badly shot interview or risking the safety of the class, we decided that the simplest thing to do was to film Simon in front of a green screen at the end of the session and overlay it on top of carefully filmed footage from earlier in the day. The result is a convincing and vibrant interview that drives the video wonderfully.

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