Using a drone to film your next corporate video

11th July 2017 | Posted in Resources

In this video, Rowan explains some of the rules and regulations that come with using a drone to capture aerial footage for your next corporate video. In short, anybody using a drone for commercial purposes, such as capturing footage for a corporate video, must have received correct training and a “Permission” from the CAA, which is known as a PfCO.

Even with a PfCO, the pilot is bound by strict rules that determine where and how they can fly. A drone cannot fly above 400ft altitude, over 500m away from the pilot or out of the pilot’s Visual Line Of Sight (VLOS) unless the CAA have granted the pilot special privileges, which is very uncommon and outlined in the pilot’s operations manual. If this is something that your drone pilot tells you they can do then make sure you check their paperwork thoroughly.

Additionally, the aircraft must be kept 50m away from any people, properties and vessels that aren’t in explicit control of the pilot. Simply putting up signs is not enough; if the pilot shouts “run for cover” everybody near the drone must be fully aware that a drone could imminently fall on their heads without question.

On top of the rules, a commercial pilot also has to complete a risk assessment before each flight. If the risk of any activity is too high, they’ll need to stop flying and find an alternative, such as using a jib, pole, or cherry picker instead.

Although it may seem daunting following such strict guidelines, the team at Southpoint Films are trained and insured for aerial video work, ensuring that your next project goes without a hitch.

For the latest, up to date information about drone regulation, head to – a resource provided by the CAA and NATS. Alternatively, get in touch with our team for helpful and timely advice.

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