An outdoor setting at a commercial area with a blue pickup truck hitched to a white trailer on the left. The truck's driver-side door is open with a step ladder beside it. In the background are industrial buildings with blue doors and signage. Overhead, power lines stretch across a cloudy sky.

A Mobile Video Production Gallery & Workspace Solution

Our outside broadcast trailer, KenOB, is a purpose-built solution for producing live video at music festivals and outdoor events.

Its small footprint makes it ideal for squeezing into tight backstage areas, while still providing plenty of space for video crew to work comfortably throughout the show.

Because KenOB is a trailer-based outside broadcast solution, it’s an environmentally friendlier and more economical solution compared to OB vans and trucks. The crew and equipment can be transported in the vehicle that’s towing the trailer, which cuts down on emissions and transport costs.

Tech Specs

KenOB is incredibly flexible. It can be powered with a single 32 amp CEEFORM intake, or with 16 amp or 13 amp power via powerCON.

Inside, it has ethernet IP, HDMI and 13 amp power infrastructure, allowing it to adapt to many video production setups.

In addition, the trailer is fitted with a number of conveniences for crew working on location:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Mini Fridge
  • Mini Oven

These conveniences help with crew welfare, especially when working to intensive production schedules.

Inside view of Southpoint Films' outside broadcast trailer, featuring a sophisticated video production setup. The workspace is equipped with multiple monitors displaying various camera angles, a large camera mixing console, and several broadcast control panels with buttons and joysticks. The walls are painted blue, and the room is well-organised with cables neatly arranged
A person is operating audiovisual equipment inside a mobile production unit at a music festival. They're wearing headphones and managing multiple monitors displaying different camera angles and sound mixing software, with a variety of technical equipment like mixers and computers around them


There are two main workspaces for crew. A long bench on the right-hand side allows multiple workstations to be set up for different roles, such as vision mixing and audio. A higher table on the left can be used for production management.

Finally, there’s a large space near the access door which can house standard 19″ fly-packs and racks full of video production equipment, the contents of which can be tailored to the specific job.

The access door is divided and hinged so that cables can be run into the trailer when the doors are otherwise closed and locked.

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