COVID-19 And Its Impact On Our Business (Updated)

13th March 2020 No comments
Filming with Eurotank Scraegg

Note about COVID-19

This article talks about the coronavirus pandemic, which resulted in a global lockdown in 2020. Please bear in mind that attitudes have changed dramatically throughout the lockdown period, and the content below may not reflect current views or practices.

Update - 5th May 2020

We’ve provided an update about our service availability. We’re pleased to report that all of our services are available again.

Read more.

Update - 23rd March 2020

Following new guidance from the UK Government, we will be postponing any non-urgent filming activities until further notice.

We will still be able to help customers with projects that require post-production and/or can be carried out remotely. If you have a requirement, please let us know.

We thank you for your patience during these uncertain times and look forward to restoring our full range of services as soon as possible.

Like many others, we’re closely watching the news to keep abreast of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

As it stands, we have not yet been effected directly by the situation. Therefore we have no plans at this time to take any measures beyond those outlined in the guidance issued by the British government and the WHO.

However, we are starting to consider the risk factors involved with each project we take on in order to prevent infection and further spread of the virus. Most projects will not be disrupted, but here’s what we’re currently thinking.

Projects that are currently in post-production or animation based should not be impacted at all and, in the event of undertaking isolation measures, we’re already well equipped for remote working. (Assuming that our staff are able to work and do not become unwell.)

With events, which make up a significant amount of our work, most are already starting to implement preventative measures of their own and we will be primarily guided by the event organisers to determine whether there is significant risk or not. 

The main area of impact will be shoots on location or in our studio. As it stands we do not plan to cancel any shoots, but if you or somebody we will be working with is feeling unwell (even with mild symptoms) we must be informed ahead of the production – even if at short notice. We would prefer to err on the side of caution and postpone the shoot until a later date, for which there is no charge outside of any hard costs of sale already incurred. (Such was unrecoverable travel and accommodation costs.)

The situation facing our society is unpleasant and unprecedented in recent times, but we’re taking it seriously and appreciate that our position (travelling to different locations to film things) makes us likely to spread the virus if we come into contact with it, which is the last thing anybody wants. So we appreciate any cooperation in preventing this from happening.

Finally, and I write this delicately so as not to jump on a crisis in poor taste, but it is worth noting that we are here and are still available to help. Video is a very effective method of communicating across distance without needing to be somewhere in person, and we are very much able to help businesses use video to make the most of this difficult period.

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