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The Lymington Chiropractic Clinic

We were approached by The Lymington Chiropractic Clinic with a request to help them use video effectively for their business. They already knew that they were looking for a video to promote their services and that they would also require a series of instructional videos to tell existing patients how to perform beneficial exercises at home. What they didn’t know was how to implement this in a way that worked for them. That’s where we came in.

After an initial meeting we quickly worked out a video strategy that would help the clinic get what they needed. We booked a day of filming and were able to interview a selection of patients talking about their experience at the clinic. We were also able capture footage of several patients receiving treatment. We then used the remaining time to record a series of training videos explaining different exercises, which featured Colin (the clinic’s owner) narrating over a member of staff giving a demonstration.

After the filming was completed and we’d taken the footage away to be edited, we started discussing the best ways to share the videos online. It made sense to keep the promotional and case study videos as available as possible, so we agreed on using YouTube as the main hosting service for the videos. Using YouTube meant that the videos could be embedded easily on the clinic’s website, shared on social media, and could appear in YouTube search results and in the “Related Videos” section on the YouTube website for anybody looking for chiropractic videos there.

The exercise videos required a different approach. While the videos weren’t confidential, the clinic had been using a function of their website to password protect their existing patient learning materials. They liked that the password protection gave the content an exclusive feel. Additionally, the clinic wanted to monitor who had been watching the videos so that they could make sure that certain patients followed specific exercises. They also wanted a way to attach PDFs and similar documents to their videos so that patients could dive into further details about an exercise if required. Vimsy was the solution.

We set up a branded Vimsy channel for the clinic and populated it with their videos. This would act as a professional, branded “shop window” for the videos (which would also be hosted on YouTube behind the scenes) and would feature additional benefits such as downloadable content like PDFs.

Although Vimsy lets you upload videos directly to the service, we identified some important benefits of hosting the videos with YouTube on the back-end. The clinic’s patients are generally not very tech savvy and there was a strong chance that they wouldn’t always remember that the videos were on The Lymington Chiropractic Clinic’s website in order to access them, which would leave them searching broadly online (and on YouTube) to find them again. If the clinic’s videos weren’t where patients would expect to find them, there was a genuine risk that the patients would instead find videos from other people that might not align with the bespoke advice that they’d been given – which could complicate their treatment or cause injuries.

Using a blended approach with Vimsy and YouTube allowed the clinic to provide a branded, professional portal for their videos with benefits like additional downloads, while still making the videos easy to find when patients go looking for them.

Once the Vimsy channel was set up we worked with the clinic’s existing website agency to integrate the channel with their website. The channel was mapped to a subdomain and linked from their website, where it’s now available for customers to use.

The Vimsy Channel for the Lymington Chiropractic Clinic
The Vimsy Channel for the Lymington Chiropractic Clinic
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