How we use music in videos

The vast majority of videos that we work on incorporate music.

Music can be used in the background to keep a video moving forward, or a video can be edited in full sync with a music track, making it a core part of the story.

Music carries tremendous power for conveying emotion and supporting a message, which is why we work hard on finding the right style of music for your project.

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Blackhill Studios Promo Video

Music Options

For most projects we source music tracks from a commercial royalty free stock music library. This gives us music that, when incorporated into your video, can be used anywhere online without any additional cost to our clients.

Most of our clients are happy with the music we provide, but for projects with more bespoke requirements we can source music from other locations.

We have access to premium music libraries that offer commercial music from independent artists around the world, we can help with sourcing licenses for commercial music (such as chart artists), and we’re also part of a network of local musicians based in Southampton who are more than willing to license their music for use in videos. You can take a listen on Spotify.

Additionally, if you’re looking to build a unique brand sound, we can work with our friends at Blackhill Studios to create sonic branding that’s bespoke for your business.