What is Screen Capture?

Screen capture is a technique that we use for recording software on a computer or mobile device.

It can be useful when creating videos that show people how to use an app or website, and for creating promotional videos for software products.

It can also be used for recording presentations at conferences and events, which can be combined with a video recording for excellent results.

Filming the APM ProgM SIG for The PM Channel
Filming the Livall Smart Helmet app

How it works

During production, we’ll usually use screen capture software on the device itself to record the screen. If this isn’t possible we’ll connect the computer or mobile device to our video recording equipment and capture the screen externally.

If you require screen capture we’ll discuss the best approach during the lead up to your filming date. If you have the means, you may prefer to supply the recordings yourself.

Sometimes it might be better to show a device being used, like for promotional and lifestyle videos, in which case we can film the device being used on location.

Why choose Southpoint Films?

Over the years, we’ve produced hundreds of short instructional videos that demonstrate innovative software products, and we’ve lost track of how many promotional videos we’ve filmed that incorporate apps and other digital products.

If you’re interested in having a video made that utilises screen capture, please get in touch for a bespoke quote.

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Filming with Verotec

Recent Projects

A selection of projects we’ve recently worked on that incorporate screen capture.