What is 360° VR Video?

14th September 2018 | Posted in Resources

360° video is a unique video format that links closely to Virtual Reality. The key difference between watching a normal video and a 360° video is that you, the viewer, have far more control over what you’re looking at. You can move the video around to focus on something that takes your interest, rather being forced to see what the filmmaker decided you should be seeing. This creates a unique video viewing experience for the audience and opens up some interesting possibilities for applications within business. Yet this new format doesn’t come without some creative and technical challenges.

In this video I explain what 360° VR video is and what some of the pros and cons of the format are. Is it the next big revolution in video production, or is it already a flop? And in either case, are there useful applications for 360° cameras even if “normal” video remains king?

Please note that this is not a 360° VR video, although the video was filmed on a 360° camera. You can see some 360° VR video samples on our YouTube playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playli…

Please also be aware that due to the multiple lens setup on these cameras, sometimes objects that are between two lenses (or are quite close to the camera) have visible ghosting on them, which you can see in some shots. Hopefully this is a technical limitation that the manufacturers will fix soon. Unfortunately by the time the footage had finished stitching (the process of taking the footage from each lens and turning it into one clip) it was too late for us to record this video again.

For more information about 360° video, take a look at our 360° VR videography and photography page or talk to our team about how we can apply it to your business by getting in touch. You can also read more about our project with the University of Southampton on our Portfolio: 360° “Day in the life” video series for University of Southampton

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