Care Friends – App Explainer Video

Care Friends is a referral rewards app for the care sector. It helps care companies find care workers by tapping into the networks of their employees. The app is backed by Skills For Care and has become very popular since its UK launch in June 2020. Since then it has launched around the globe, including in Australia and Europe.

To help onboard new users, we created this explainer video for employers whose care workers are using the app to share jobs. The video explains how care workers find and share jobs, and how the app’s rewards system works.

The Care Friends team wanted something short and simple to understand, and we think we’ve delivered. Our video uses a combination of animated motion graphics and screen captures to show users what to do. It’s also set to an upbeat music track to keep viewers’ attention. To add some life to the screen captures, we added “taps and swipes” over the top and included clear instructions to show users how it works. We also utilised some footage from a previous video that we’d made for Care Friends to add authenticity.

In the years following Care Friends’ launch, the app has received a tremendous amount of development. One of the benefits of this style of video is that it has been easy to update the video with new screen recordings. The version above is a more recent version of the video that now includes a voice-over from a member of the Care Friends team. This was recorded in our voice-over booth when the Care Friends team visited us to capture some new screen recordings.

If you’re looking for a high quality promotional video for your app, why not get in touch? We’d love to create something similar for you!

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