Eurofood – Scraegg Pro “Recipe Ideas” Videos & Photos

Eurofood’s Scraegg Pro is a commercial kitchen appliance that cooks foods like scrambled egg, soup and porridge in fifteen seconds. It’s designed for “on the go” food retailers, like cafes and petrol service stations. By using steam instead of oils, the food is typically healthier than most other “fast food” offerings.

About The Videos

Earlier this year we filmed a series of “Recipe Ideas” videos for the Scraegg Pro at an underground kitchen in Shoreditch, London. The video above is one of several videos that follow the same format.

Over the course of a day we were able to film the five short videos featured above. We also produced a general promotional video for the machine (using the same footage), and an interview video.

By using upbeat music, fast paced editing techniques, and on-screen text, these videos pack a punch that helps them stand out from the typical corporate video. The use of jump cuts and speed ramps makes the videos eye-catching. The videos also speed up the prepping process, keeping the videos short.

Although our videos are mainly for a commercial audience, we wanted them to feel consumer-friendly. The aim was to put the machine in the same league as other “household name” food service offerings. (Such as commercial coffee machines.)

In addition to being featured on the Eurofood website, the finished video series was shared on social media. The videos were uploaded to Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter by Eurofood’s marketing team.

Additional Photography

In addition to the videos, we also took a number of high quality photographs. These feature the same recipes and cooking ideas that we filmed for the video series.

By maximising the time and resources that we had available to us, we were able to deliver a complete visual media package to the client. This fuelled their digital marketing strategy in the lead up to the product launch.

While we could have saved ourselves some effort by extracting screenshots from the 4K videos, the extra resolution captured by a dedicated stills camera allows for the photographs to be used in a far greater number of applications. (Like print magazines, brochures and posters, for example.)

You can see some examples of our photographs from this project below…

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