How Live Streaming video can save your events (The Value of Time)

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How Live Streaming video can save your events (The Value of Time)

How many events have you been to where the list of delegates is long and impressive but, as the first (or second) speaker takes to the podium, the name badges still cover half of the reception the table? These people have clearly expressed an interest in the programme but for some reason are not able to attend.

Time is one of the most valuable assets a person has. Whether it’s the time of a single person building a new business or the time of a CEO of a global corporation, any amount of time given by any person needs to be rewarded — time can only be given once! For most individuals, allocating that valuable asset to a business is generally recognised in the wage packets that are received in return; a monetary value for the gift of time that has been committed to the business.

Given that we’ve established that time has a monetary value, the value of time needs to be better recognised by people who require someone else’s time when presenting, demonstrating or explaining an idea, proposal, sales campaign or strategy in person. Asking another person to take time from their already full day to attend a lecture, seminar or presentation is a very big ask. The presenter must believe in the content of their presentation and the value to the attending delegate. The delegate should be expected to benefit from attending the presentation personally, commercially or strategically – ideally in all three ways!

Is there a need to attend business events in-person anymore?

A direct benefit of the global roll out of fibre optic broadband is that it reduces drop out and video buffering issues, enabling better and dependable use of the internet for streaming live video. The need to travel long distances to attend a day’s worth of presentations, including the high cost of fuel, as well as the time delays due to traffic holdups, can be reduced by the implementation of video streaming at conference and seminar style events.

Filming and/or live streaming an event enables delegates to attend in the virtual world and watch selected presentations from their work station, removing the need to travel and sit through presentations that may not be of direct relevance or benefit. This will ensure the delegate gains the maximum benefit from the presentation and the presenter delivers to a fully engaged audience, whether in the flesh or virtual.

By taking advantage of today’s technology, the live streaming process can also include additional extras such as speaker notes, powerpoint slides, and other supporting materials that are delivered in synchronisation with the speaker. Additionally, delegates can take part in Q&A or panel sessions virtually using e-mail and Twitter. There’s even potential for interactive discussions to be established using Skype or similar audio-video chat systems. The possibilities are endless – and are accessible to anyone with a computer, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection, all without leaving their home or office.

A common argument against this approach is that a very important benefit of personally attending peer to peer events is networking, but in the days of social media services such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, intelligent and strategic use of these various online platforms can be of immense benefit both personally and professionally. Do the benefits of personally attending events (networking) outweigh the cons (time consumption, fuel consumption, hotels, food expenses) anymore?

The value of time should be the absolute priority of both the host and delegate when the available technology is used in a managed and constructive manner. The host can invite delegates from around the world in the knowledge that travel and accommodation is no longer a primary consideration.

On the day of the event, those who are able to attend in person (either at their convenience or with full acceptance of the expenses they are generating) will typically still attend to benefit from both the presentations and networking opportunities. Those who are not able to attend on the day can still benefit from the presentations being streamed online as they are delivered, or can feel comfortable knowing that the content will be available to watch in full shortly after. Time is no longer an obstacle to the delegate as they are able to retrieve the presentations just as they were delivered at any time after the event through the online archive which is typically made available soon after the live presentation, either freely or through a paid gateway.

If a delegate who was originally planning to be there is unable to attend the presentation due to last minute diary changes — maybe a problem at home, unforeseen business commitments, a replay of a football match on TV, or for any other reason — the event can still be enjoyed, even if it’s through the WiFi connection at a Motorway Service station if there is a traffic jam en-route to the conference.

If you think this sounds like the future, you needn’t look any further. We can offer all of the services described through our professional live streaming service for your event today. We’d be more than happy to help you find out how it can work for your event.

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